General introduction

1. Mission

The vision of VIASM is to become an excellent research center in mathematics, with good working environment same as in some developed countries. This is a place for academic exchanges to build the scientific capacity of researchers and teachers of pure and applied mathematics in Vietnam.

VIASM is the main institution in implementing the National Program for the Development of Mathematics from 2010 to 2020 (NPDM). This program is responsible for encouraging young students to learn mathematics, improving the quality of teaching and learning mathematics at school and university level as well as dissemination of scientific knowledge to the public.

 2. Activities

The main activity of the Institute is organizing research groups to conduct research programs and projects of high quality. Scientists in the same field will gather and work together at the Institute in short-term basis. It aims to attract Vietnamese mathematicians from abroad and international mathematicians to Vietnam and participate in research and training with their colleagues in Vietnam. This activity will strengthen the research branches which have taken root in Vietnam and will incubate the formation of new branches of Mathematics.

Every year, VIASM offers some Postdoctoral fellowships. These fellowships are intended for mathematicians with Ph.D.s awarded within 5 years. Postdoctoral Fellows must hold a Ph.D. at the time of their proposed residency. The fellowship is for one year and can be extended up to three years.

The VIASM will organize conferences, workshops, seminars on topics associated with research groups working at the institute in order to implement their research projects as well as attract new students to do research.

In cooperation with NPDM, the Institute will hold summer schools for math students, short-term training courses for mathematics teachers and organize other activities to disseminate scientific knowledge to the public.

 3. Research topics

Research topics at VIASM include pure and applied mathematics as well as its application in related sciences, such as Physics, Computer Science, Earth Science, Life Sciences, Economics,…

 4. Organization

The Institute will have no or very few permanent researchers. This flexible scheme allows the Institute to invite reputable international scientists to Vietnam and create favorable conditions for Vietnamese scientists to have access to best ideas and actual achievements of science in the World. The VIASM is managed by a Board of Directors which consists of a Scientific Director, a Managing Director and one or two Deputy Directors.

VIASM invites research groups and individuals to apply for research stay. The candidates will be evaluated by the Scientific Council of the Institute. The evaluation is based on scientific achievements of candidates, the importance and feasibility of research projects, as well as cooperation ability among the proposed research groups.

Outstanding researchers will be also invited by the Board of Directors for a joint research project or for giving lectures.

International Advisory Board includes a number of scientists or leaders of excellent scientific institution in other countries. Besides sharing their experiences, Advisory Board will assist the Institute in promoting the Institute’s image in the world mathematical community as well as periodic assessment of activities of VIASM.

5. Budget

The main funding sources for the activities of the Institute comes from the state budget, through the NPDM.

Besides, the Institute can receive additional funding through contract research and application.

Institute may also receive volunteer support from individuals or organizations.