Algebraic surfaces


Venue/Location: VIASM

Speaker: Ngo Bao Chau


This is a reading course aiming at a gentle introduction to algebraic surfaces. The prerequisites consist in basic knowledge in algebraic geometry, including the theory of algebraic curves as presented in Fulton’s book “Algebraic curves” which I covered in a course taught last year in Hue. Prospective students are encouraged to find lecture notes from my last year course.

I will assign topics to be studies in depth and presented to admitted students to this reading course mainly from chapter 5 of Hartshorne’s book “Algebraic Geometry". Other references include Beauville’s book “Algebraic surfaces” and Friedman’s “Algebraic surfaces and holomorphic vector bundles”. 

The class is organized by the VIASM. It meets once a week on Wednesday from 9am-5pm, in July and August 2018.