Analysis solutions to some classes of time-fractional order systems

Time: 10:30 to  12:00 Ngày 31/08/2021

Venue/Location: Online

Speaker: TS. Hoàng Thế Tuấn (Viện Toán học)


This report presents the results we have achieved during a year of working at VIASM as a postdoc. The report consists of 4 parts. First, we show the necessary and sufficient conditions of the positivity and stability to mixed fractional-order systems with time-varying delays. Second, we investigate the existence and asymptotic behavior of solutions to fractional neutral differential equations with a delay. Third, we propose some results on mild solutions to time-fractional elliptic equations driven by a multiplicative white noise and their mean square asymptotic behavior. Finally, we discuss the existence of weak solutions to time-fractional elliptic equations with time-dependent variable coefficients.


Topic: Seminar 31.08.2021
Time: Aug 31, 2021 08:30 AM Vietnam

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