Participant list and codes

Please find VMC 2018 registered participant list and codes here:

This list will be updated every Monday.


1. A participant code will be issued by the Organizing Committee within 7 days of registration. Please use your code in all communication (such as registering a talk, sending an abstract, applying for a grant, etc.).

In case of not finding your code, please contact us via email:

2. After sending a talk title (in case you intend to give a talk), a letter "Y" will be filled in the column "Talk registered" within 7 days of submitting the title.

3. Once a talk abstract is submitted, it will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. Only after its acceptance by the Scientific Committee, in the column "Talk acceptance" will be filled with a letter "Y".

Abbreviation of Parallel Sessions

  1. Algebra-Number Theory-Topo: AL
  2. Analysis: AN
  3. Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems: DE
  4. Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science: DM
  5. Optimization and Scientific Computing: OP
  6. Probability-Statistics: PS
  7. Mathematical Applications: MA
  8. Mathematics Education and History of Mathematics: ME