Lectures on Advanced Regression Methods

Time: 14:00 đến 17:00 ngày 24/07/2017, 09:00 đến 12:00 ngày 25/07/2017, 14:00 đến 17:00 ngày 26/07/2017, 09:00 đến 12:00 ngày 27/07/2017, 14:00 đến 17:00 ngày 28/07/2017,

Venue/Location: C2-714, VIASM

Purpose: Data scientists have at their disposal many regression techniques in predictive modeling. If the most well known is the (Gaussian) linear regression, other methods of regression can be performed: Ridge, Lasso and ElasticNet Regression, MARS, GAM, trees, SVR. . . Lectures will be accompanied by tutorials and computer lab works with R software.

Speaker: Vincent Lefieux, RTE Paris, France.





• Reminders on linear regression (including choice of predictive variables).

• Ridge, Lasso and ElasticNet Regression.

• Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS).

• Generalized Additive Model (GAM).

• Regression trees and random forests.

• Support Vector Machine Regression (SVR).

Language. English.


• Probability.

• Linear Models.

• Inferential Statistics.

• Basic concepts of R software.


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