Workshop “Function Spaces and Operator Theory”

Time:08:00:24/06/2019 to  17:00:28/06/2019

Venue/Location: VIASM (Hanoi) & Tuan Chau (at Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh)

Purpose: We propose to bring together experts in operator theory working on spaces of holomorphic functions. Particular topics of interest include boundary values of holomorphic functions, new developments in Hardy, Bergman, Dirichlet and Fock spaces, invariant and reducing subspaces of these spaces, reproducing kernel estimates on different domains. The beautiful interaction between complex analysis and operator theory has resulted in many interesting papers concerning Toeplitz, Hankel and (weighted) composition operators, among others. Of particular interests are questions regarding boundedness, compactness, essential norm, compact differences, mean ergodicity, cyclicity, complex sysmetry, linear combinations of these operators. One uses geometric, analytic and measure theoretic properties of the inducing function. Other interesting questions involve spectral properties, multivariable operator theory and connections to quantization.

Ban tổ chức:

1. Le Minh Ha (VIASM, Vietnam)
2. Le Hai Khoi (NTU, Singapore)
3. Pham Trong Tien (HUS - VNU, Vietnam)

Ban khoa học

1. Boo Rim Choe (Korea University, Korea)
2. Le Hai Khoi (NTU, Singapore)

Báo cáo mời

Choe, Boo Rim (Korea University, Korea)  
Cuckovic, Zeljko (University of Toledo, USA)   
Fricain, Emmanuel (University of Lille 1, France)    
Koo, Hyungwoon (Korea University, Korea)    
Lef`evre, Pascal (University of Artois, France)   
Zhu, Kehe (SUNY-Albany, USA)
Doan, Minh Luan  (University of Notre Dame, USA)   
Le, Hai Khoi  (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)  
Le, Thi Hong Thom  (Hanoi University of Science - VNU, Vietnam)  
Ly, Kim Ha  (HCM University of Science - VNU, Vietnam)   
Pham, Trong Tien (Hanoi University of Science - VNU, Vietnam)

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh