Vietnamese-French Joint Conference on Applications of Mathematics to Ecology, Bio-economics, Edpidemiology and Healthcare

Time:09:00:12/12/2016 to  17:30:15/12/2016

Venue/Location: VIASM, Hanoi and Tuanchau, Vietnam.

Organisers: NGUYEN Huu Du (VIASM, Vietnam), NGUYEN Ngoc Tuan (VIASM, Vietnam), NGUYEN Ngoc Doanh (Thuyloi University, Vietnam), PHAN Thi Ha Duong (IM/VAST, VIetnam), and Tri NGUYEN-HUU (IRD, France).

Scientific Committee: NGUYEN Ngoc Doanh (Thuyloi, Vietnam), NGUYEN Huu Du (VIASM, Vietnam), PHAN Thi Ha Duong (IM/VAST, Vietnam), Jean Daniel ZUCKER, Alexis DROGOUL and Tri NGUYEN-HUU (IRD, France).

Purpose: The aim of the conference is to create a forum for researchers and students to exchange methods, new ideas, results and perspectives in applications of mathematics to ecology, bio-economics, epidemiology and healthcare. This conference is considered as the first scientific activity in the context of the collaboration between Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) and Research Institute for Development (IRD).

Invited Speakers: Pierre AUGER (IRD, France), Jean Christophe POGGIALE (Marseille, France), Alain BARDOU (SFBT, France), Jean-Marie DEMBELE (IRD, Senegal), Hassan HBID (Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco), PHAN Thi Ha Duong (Institute of Mathematics, VAST, Vietnam), HO Dang Phuc (Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam), LE Duc Hau (Thuyloi university, Vietnam), Jean THIÉRY (SFBT, France) and Tri NGUYEN-HUU (IRD, France).

Host institutions: Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), Vietnam; Institute of Mathematics (IM), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Vietnam; Research Institute for Development (IRD), France; and French-Speaking Society for Theoretical Biology (SFBT), France.

Participation: The conference is open to all researchers and students. There will be no conference fee.