ViAsM15.60 Nguyen Thieu Huy, Trinh Viet Duoc, Vu Thi Ngoc Ha, Vu Thi Mai, Boundedness, almost periodicity and stability of certain navier-stokes flows in unbounded domains (Posted on 12 10, 2015)
ViAsM15.59 Nguyen Thi The, Stochastic differential algebraic equations of index 2 (Posted on 12 04, 2015)
ViAsM15.58 Pham Trong Tien, Translation operators on weighted spaces of entire functions (Posted on 10 19, 2015)
ViAsM15.58 Alexander V. Abanin, Pham Trong Tien, Differentiation and integration operators on weighted Banach spaces of holomorphic functions (Posted on 12 01, 2015)
ViAsM15.57 Nguyen Dinh Cong, Doan Thai Son, On integral separation of bounded linear random differential equations (Posted on 11 26, 2015)
ViAsM15.56 Dinh Thanh Duc, Ha Duy Hung, Luong Dang Ky, On weak$^*$-convergence in the localized Hardy spaces $H^1_\rho(\mathcal X)$ and its application (Posted on 11 11, 2015)
ViAsM15.55 Cung The Anh, Nguyen Ngoc Doanh, Asymptotic behavior of microbial degradation dynamics in soil (Posted on 11 11, 2015)
ViAsM15.54 Jun Cao, Luong Dang Ky, Dachun Yang, Bilinear Decompositions of Products of Hardy and Lipschitz or BMO Spaces Through Wavelets (Posted on 11 11, 2015)
ViAsM15.53 Mouez Dimassi, Duong Anh Tuan, Resonances and the spectral shift function for periodic Schrodinger operator with oscillating decaying potential (Posted on 11 02, 2015)
ViAsM15.52 Nguyen Huu Sau, Vu Ngoc Phat, LP approach to exp onential stabilization of singular linear p ositive systems with delay (Posted on 10 23, 2015)
ViAsM15.51 Ha Duy Hung, Luong Dang Ky, Dương Quoc Huy, On weak - convergence in the hardy space $H^1$ over spaces of homogeneous type (Posted on 10 23, 2015)
ViAsM15.50 Mouez Dimassi, Semi-classical asymptotics for schrodinger operator with oscillating decaying potentia (Posted on 10 23, 2015)
ViAsM15.49 Nguyen Huu Du, Nguyen Thanh Dieu, N. N. Nhu, Conditions for Permanence and Ergodicity of Certain SIR Epidemic Models (Posted on 10 19, 2015)
ViAsM15.47 Dinh Trung Hoa, Du Thị Hoa Binh, Ho Minh Toan, On some matrix mean inequalities with kantorovich constant (Posted on 10 14, 2015)
ViAsM15.46 Do Duc Thuan, Nguyen Thi Hong, Controllability radii of linear neutral systems under structured perturbations (Posted on 10 10, 2015)
ViAsM15.45 Nguyen Thu Ha, Nguyen Huu Du, Do Duc Thuan, On data-dependence of stability domains, exponential stability and stability raddii for implicit dynamic equations (Posted on 10 10, 2015)
ViAsM15.44 N T. Thanh, Vu N. Phat, Robust Finite-Time Stabilization of Linear Systems with Multiple Delays in State and Control (Posted on 10 09, 2015)
ViAsM15.43 Vu Viet Hung, A characterization of the class $E_{\chi, loc}(\Omega)$ (Posted on 10 10, 2015)
ViAsM15.42 Luong Dang Ky, Endpoint estimates for commutators of singular integrals related to Schrodinger operators (Posted on 09 30, 2015)
ViAsM15.41 William Cherry, Gerd Dethloff and Tran Van Tan, Holomorphic curves into algebraic varieties intersecting moving hypersurface targets (Posted on 09 30, 2015)
ViAsM15.40 Yiyu Liang, Luong Dang Ky, Dachun Yang, Weighted endpoint estimates for commutators of Calderón-Zygmund operators (Posted on 09 29, 2015)
ViAsM15.39 Vu Viet Hung, Local property of a class of m-subharmonic functions (Posted on 09 29, 2015)
ViAsM15.38 Duong Anh Tuan, A trace formula and appilication to stark hamiltonian with non-constant magnetic fields (Posted on 09 29, 2015)
ViAsM15.36 Nguyen Sum, Nguyen Khac Tin, Some results on the fifth Singer transfer (Posted on 09 10, 2015)
ViAsM15.35 Nguyen Thanh Dieu, Classication of Asymptotic Behavior in A Stochastic SIR Model (Posted on 08 31, 2015)
ViAsM15.34 Nguyen Thanh Dieu, ome results on almost sure stability of non-autonomous stochastic differential equations with Markovian switching (Posted on 07 31, 2015)
ViAsM15.33 Alexey Chernov and Dinh Dung, Some results on almost sure stability of non-autonomous stochastic differential equations with Markovian switching (Posted on 07 21, 2015)
ViAsM15.32 Tran Vu Khanh, Ninh Van Thu, Iterates of holomorphic self-maps on pseudoconvex domains of finite and infinite type in $\mathbb C^n$ (Posted on 07 17, 2015)
ViAsM15.31 Nguyen Thanh Qui, Coderivatives of Implicit Multifunctions and Stability of Variational Systems (Posted on 07 06, 2015)
ViAsM15.29 Ha Huy Khoai, Vu Hoai An and Nguyen Xuan Lai, On the uniqueness problem forr meromorphic functions with higher multipilcities of zeros and poles (Posted on 06 24, 2015)
ViAsM15.28 Ha Huy Khoai, Vu Hoai An and Pham Ngoc Hoa, On functional equations related to iteration of YI's polynomials (Posted on 06 24, 2015)
ViAsM15.27 Nguyen Thai An, Nguyen Mau Nam, Convergence analysis of a proximal point algorithm for minimizing differences of functions (Posted on 06 22, 2015)
ViAsM15.26 Pham Viet Duc, Mai Anh Duc, Pham Nguyen Thu Trang, On tautness modulo an analytic subset of complex spaces (Posted on 06 11, 2015)
ViAsM15.25 Tran Van Hoai, Phan Thanh An, Nguyen Ngoc Hai, Multiple shooting approach for computing approximately shortest paths on convex polytopes (Posted on 06 08, 2015)
ViAsM15.24 Ninh Van Thu, Ninh Van Thu, On the automorphism group of a certain infinite type domain in $\mathbb C^2$ (Posted on 06 08, 2015)
ViAsM15.23 Phung Ho Hai, On an injectivity lemma in the proof of Tannakian duality (Posted on 06 06, 2015)
ViAsM15.22 Ninh Van Thu, On the nonexistence of nontrivial tangential holomorphic vector fields of a certain hypersurface of infinite type (Posted on 06 06, 2015)
ViAsM15.21 Pham Duc Thoan, An estimate for the Gaussian curvature of minimal surfaces with ramification (Posted on 05 30, 2015)
ViAsM15.20 Nguyen Thac Dung and Nguyen Ngoc Khanh, Gradient estimates of Hamilton - Souplet - Zhang type for a general heat equation on Riemannian manifolds (Posted on 05 30, 2015)
ViAsM15.19 Nguyen Thac Dung and Nguyen Duy Dat, Local and global sharp gradient estimates for weighted p-harmonic functions (Posted on 05 30, 2015)
ViAsM15.18 Nguyen Thac Dung, Second main theorems for meromorphic mappings intersecting moving hyperplanes with truncated counting functions and unicity problem (Posted on 05 30, 2015)
ViAsM15.18 Nguyen Thac Dung, Rigidity of immersed submanifolds in a hyperbolic space (Posted on 12 13, 2015)
ViAsM15.17 Si Duc Quang, Second main theorems for meromorphic mappings intersecting moving hyperplanes with truncated counting functions and unicity problem (Posted on 08 28, 2015)
ViAsM15.16 Hoang Long Ngo and Dai Taguchi, Approximation for non-smooth functionals of stochastic differential equations with irregular drift (Posted on 05 18, 2015)
ViAsM15.15 Ngo Quoc Anh, Classification of solutions for a system of integral equations with negative exponents via the method of moving spheres (Posted on 05 13, 2015)
ViAsM15.14 Huynh Van Ngai, Nguyen Huu Tron and Phan Nhat Tinh, Directional Holder metric subregularity and application to tangent cones (Posted on 04 25, 2015)
ViAsM15.13 Ngo Hoang Long and Pham Thi Tuyen, trong approximation for non-Lipschitz stochastic functional differential equations with distributed delays (Posted on 04 25, 2015)
ViAsM15.12 Ngo Anh Quoc, Einstein constraint equations on riemannian manifolds (Posted on 04 17, 2015)
ViAsM15.11 Phan Hoang Ha, Le Bich Phuong and Pham Duc Thoan, Ramification of the Gauss map and the total curvature of a complete minimal surface (Posted on 04 08, 2015)
ViAsM15.10 Hoang Long Ngo and Duc Trong Luong, Strong Rate of Tamed Euler-Maruyama Approximation for Stochastic Differential Equations with H¨older Continuous Diffusion Coefficients (Posted on 03 25, 2015)
ViAsM15.9 Nguyen Quang Dieu and Dau Hoang Hung, Perron-Bremermann envelopes and pluricomplex Green functions with poles lying in a complex hypersurface (Posted on 03 25, 2015)
ViAsM15.8 Kieu Phuong Chi, Local polynomial convexity of graphs of functions in several variables (Posted on 03 25, 2015)
ViAsM15.7 Nguyen Xuan Hong, the complex Monge-Ampère equation in domain of C^n (Posted on 03 25, 2015)
ViAsM15.6 Nguyen Xuan Hong, The locally F - approximation property of bounded hyperconvex domains (Posted on 03 19, 2015)
ViAsM15.5 N.T. An, D. Giles, N.M. Nam, R. B. Rector, The Log-exponential smoothing technique and Nesterov's accelerated gradient method for generalized sylvester problems (Posted on 03 19, 2015)
ViAsM15.4 P. Niamsup and V. N. Phat, Finite-time stabilization and guaranteed cost control of linear autonomous delay systems with bounded controls (Posted on 02 26, 2015)
ViAsM15.3 Phung Van Manh, On configurations of points on the sphere and applications to approximation of holomorphic functions by lagrange interpolants (Posted on 01 28, 2015)
ViAsM15.2 Kieu Phuong Chi, A theorem on the approximation of plurisubharmonic functions in lelong classes (Posted on 01 27, 2015)
ViAsM15.1 Le A. Tuan and Vu N. Phat, Finite-time stability and H∞ control of linear discrete-time delay systems with norm-bounded disturbances (Posted on 01 14, 2015)