Asymptotic and Harmonic Analysis, Evolution Equations, and Applications

Time:15:00:18/01/2022 to  11:45:19/01/2022

Venue/Location: Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, 157 Chua Lang Street, Hanoi.

Format: Online

Objectives: The purpose of this workshop is to introduce some fundamental methods and approaches as well as recent developments in the fields of asymptotic and harmonic analysis, evolution equations and their applications. The main content of the conference is the series of lectures by experts in related fields focusing on the conformal and harmonic analytic methods, spectral theory, as well as asymptotic behavior of evolution equations, and applications. 

Organizing Committee:

  • Assoc Prof. Le Minh Ha, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics
  • Assoc Prof. Dr Sci. Nguyen Thieu Huy, Hanoi University of Science & Technology
  • Dr. Pham Truong Xuan, Thuyloi University

Language: English

Contact: Pham Thi Phuong Cuc