Workshop "Recent developments in mean-field game, machine learning and quantitative finance"

Time:08:00:21/05/2019 to  17:00:24/05/2019

Venue/Location: Tuần Châu, Quảng Ninh

Organisers: PHAM Huyên, University Paris Diderot and JVN Institute, Ho-Chi-Minh; HA Le Minh, VIASM ; YU Xiang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; ZHOU Chao, National University of Singapore

Purpose :The workshop aims to highlight and discuss the recentdevelopments in mean-fieldgame and machine learning, which have seen a tremendousrise of popularityamongacademics and professionals, and their applications in quantitative finance. This eventwillalsoprovide a forum for promoting collaborations betweenforeign and vietnameseresearchers. 

Invited speakers (to becompleted)

ANKIRCHNER Stefan (Jena University)

CAI Ning (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)  

CHASSAGNEUX Jean-François (Paris Diderot university, France)

CHEN Ying (NUS Singapore)

DJEHICHE Boualem  (KTH Stockholm, Sweden)

GUO Xin  (University of California,  Berkeley, USA)

JAIMUNGAL Sebastian (University of Toronto, Canada)

JIN Yong Jimmy (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

LUDKOVSKI Mike (University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

LY VATH Vathana (ENSIIE, France)

NADTCHIY Sergey  (IIT Illinois, USA)

NGUYEN Quang (HongBang International University, HCMC, Vietnam)

NUTZ Marcel (University of Columbia, USA)

SCOTTI Simone (Paris Diderot University, France)

SIRBU Mihai (Austin university, Texas, USA)

TAN Xiaolu  (Paris Dauphine university, France)

XING Hao (LSE, London, United Kingdom)

ZHENG Harry (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)


Ms. Le Thi Lan Anh (VIASM): ltlanh AT