Mini-course on Coding Theory and Its Applications

Time:08:30:18/04/2019 to  12:30:19/04/2019

Venue/Location: C2-714, VIASM

Organisers: Le Minh Ha (VIASM), Vu Van Khu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Dau Son Hoang (RMIT University, Australia).


  1. Eitan Yaakobi (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
  2. Dau Son Hoang (RMIT University, Australia)
  3. Vu Van Khu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  4. Tran Thi Luong (Academy of Cryptography Techniques - Học viện Kỹ thuật mật mã)


Coding theory was introduced back in the forties to protect data transmitted through a noisy communication channel. Apart from communications, the theory has found its vast success in numerous important areas in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering such as data storage, memory and cache, cryptography, private information retrieval, and distributed computing. Its key principle is that data redundancy can guard information systems against failures and malicious players and/or boost the performance of the systems. The main task is to devise smart redundancy schemes that optimise a set of, often conflicting, performance metrics or provide the best trade-offs.

In this short course, we would like to introduce coding theory and its various applications to the Vietnamese researchers and students. Our goal is to not only equip the audience with a basic background of coding theory but also bring them to the forefront of the field by discussing several research topics that have recently attracted lots of attention from the research community as well as from related industries. We hope this course will serve as an initiative to foster potential collaborations between Vietnamese researchers and international partners as well as to introduce opportunities to students or young researchers who want to pursuit a PhD or postdoc abroad in this exciting field of research. 

Within two days, we focus on a few important applications of coding techniques in distributed storage systems, flash and race-track memory, distributed computing, and cryptography, which are among the most active research areas in the field. We will discuss several open research problems that the research community is currently working on, so that keen audience can pick up and work on them straight away. No background is required as we will provide basic knowledge of coding theory through one or two tutorials.

Language: English and Vietnam


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Deadline for registration: 11/4/2019.