Workshop-Conference on Earthquakes and Tsunami: Modeling and Observations

Time:08:00:11/12/2017 to  17:00:22/12/2017

Venue/Location: VIASM

Organisers: - VIASM (Prof. Nguyen Huu Du, Director of VIASM) - ICTP (Dr. Abdelkrim Aoudia, Head of Earth Solid Physics, ICTP) - Prof. Pham Chi Vinh (Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics-Informatics, VNU Hanoi University of Science) - Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh (Director of Institute of Geophysics)

Purpose: The two-week international school will start with an international conference that will highlight some of the latest development in earthquake sciences with emphasis on the seismotectonics and hazards from earthquakes and tsunami in Vietnam and surroundings. The school will bring together international experts and train Master & PhD students and early career scientists so that each has a better understanding of the range of circumstances and knowledge related to earthquakes in Vietnam and surrounding countries. The aim is to raise national capability in the vulnerable countries, through training and establishing an international network of scientists on which those countries can call to increase their resilience. The programme will involve a series of lectures, seminars, discussions in Earthquake and Tsunami modeling. For those interested in presenting their research work during the conference (oral and poster) an abstract should be uploaded directly to the online application. Topics: - Theoretical Seismology - Observational and Computational Seismology - Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting - Earthquake Hazard - Tsunami Physics and Hazard

Cơ quan tổ chức và tài trợ (Host institution):

-        ICTP

-        VIASM

-        NAFOSTED

-        VNU Hanoi University of Science

-        Institute of Geophysics (IGP)

Language (Ngôn ngữ chính trong workshop):  English

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