Public Lecture: “Images and Stories from Mathematics”

Venue/Location: Hall C2

Speaker: GS. G. M. Ziegler (Đại học Freie, Berlin)



As we all know each picture is worth a thousand words. And indeed, "The book is without controversy or conversations are worth anything?" It's a question of Alice in a popular children's book written by a mathematician not so well known.

In the lecture will present at least 10 paintings and is accompanied by at least 10 from comment. The picture is taken from the museums, from the study of Mathematics, from the artists and from the press. Every picture tells a story, and in this lecture the picture will be used as a tool to tell the story: the story of mathematics, the mathematics and the mathematicians.

The lecture will be interesting for researchers, teaching as well as teacher of Mathematics Mathematics and Mathematics students.

Invite all those interested to register to attend.

Deadline to enroll: Friday Date 08.03.2013.