Workshop “Algorithmic and combinatorial methods on discrete structure”

Between 19th and 21st April 2019, the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics organized  the workshop “Algorithmic and combinatorial methods on discrete structure” in Tuan Chau, Ha Long province. The aim of the workshop is to bridge Theory on Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics with applications of solving optimization problems in practice. The workshop  focuses on two main topics with 13 scientific reports presented:

Network Optimization: the content presented revolves around certain optimization problems in computer networks and logistics. This topic involved 7 presentations by scientists and researchers of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Cryptography Techniques, Phenikaa University, and Concordia University. The invited lecturer was Professor Brigitte Jaumard from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. The professor has extensive expertise of optimization in problems related to computer networks, logistics, and has participated in numerous projects in collaboration with large companies such as Ciena, Huawei… The report presentation was on network design problems modelized into graph theory problems and some effective solutions based on gradual evaluation of constraints. The remaining report presentations also focused on some other optimization problems in computer network which were already or could be potentially modelized into discrete Mathematics problems in order to apply effective solutions in wireless network design, SDN network, NFV Load balancing, optimization in operation and logistics, energy optimization in wireless network.

HT-TC6.jpgGs. Brigitte Jaumard

Discrete Mathematics: the content of the report presentations revolved around the new trend in research of basic combination objects and graphs. This topic included 6 presentations by scientists and researchers from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, German-Vietnamese University, Gunadarma University (Indonesia), and Bourgogne University (France). The invited lecturer was Professor Vincent Vajnovszki from Bourgogne University. The professor possesses extensive expertise in Discrete Mathematics, particularly of important combination sequences, which are foundations of various computer applications. The presentation was on a method of expanding a standard Mahonian probability number on permutation into a string of words, along with some open hypotheses. The remaining report presentations also focused on a number of special properties and generation algorithms of basic combination objects such as permutation, Fibonacci sequence, Gray code and some recent results on polynomial algorithm in relation to a class of complex NP problems within certain special graph formats. In addition to research objects in computer networks or logistics having discrete structure and special properties, the presented results have created opportunity for cross-industry cooperation in regard to application problems presented in previous presentations.  

Gs. Vincent Vajnovszki

At the end of each day, there was a discussion session on opportunity for mutual cooperation following earlier presentations.

The Workshop concluded with promising opportunities for collaboration among colleagues and peers within Vietnam and abroad. This resulted in two groups reaching a mutual agreement and initiating cross-industry collaboration projects. Below is the summary of some of the ideas for cross-industry collaboration:

    • Mathematical Formalization for Cross-Layer Design and Optimization of High-Altitude Platform based Optical Communication Networks
    • Graph Algorithms on Machine Learning for Autonomous Reconfiguration in Intelligent Systems
    • Graph Algorithms on Reinforcement Learning for Setting Tight Time Windows in Pick and Delivery Problems
    • Polynomial Cases for Directed Feedback Vertex Set and Exact Algorithm for General Case applied in Network Optimization
    • Shortest Path Algorithm on Layered Network with Arc Licensing Cost
    • Investigate Mahonian Statistics on Pattern Avoiding Words
    • Exploring Combinatorial Properties on More Bounded Restricted Growth Functions

The collaboration ideas and concepts include: expertise collaboration investigating solutions, topic building, seeking sponsorship, and PhD/Master’s students exchange.

The Workshop program as well as reports’ summary can be found at

Some pictures of the workshop:

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