International Conference on Optimization and Variational Analysis with Applications 2023 (ICOVAA-2023)

From July 12-15, 2023, the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) organized the International Conference on Optimization and Variational Analysis with Applications 2023 (ICOVAA-2023). The conference was sponsored by VinGroup's Innovation and Innovation Foundation (Vingroup Innovation Foundation - VinIF/Vietnam) and Hanoi National University of Education 2.

The conference presented and discussed the latest research in Optimization and Calculus of Variations along with their applications. This is an important direction in Applied Mathematics and is one of the fastest growing areas of mathematics in Vietnam. The conference was jointly organized by many strong groups in the country and brought together typical researchers in the country and many important foreign scientists.

Speakers and participants on the first day 

The conference program took place in 4 days with 45 reports from the University of Michigan, Wayne University, University of Oakland, University of North Carolina (USA), RMIT University, TU Wien University (Australia), University of Barcelona (Spain), Pukyong National University (Korea), Aligrad Muslim University (India), Hanzhou University (China), Univer-France-Paris Institute of Technology (Thailand), Naresitenberg Institute of Technology (Thailand) Germany), Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), Romanian Academy of Sciences (Romania), Institute of Mathematics - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, University of Natural Sciences - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Ton Duc Thang University, Thang Long University, Duy Tan University, Can Tho University, Da Lat University, FPT University (Vietnam). etc

The conference attracted more than 50 scientists from many domestic and foreign universities such as: Prof. Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne University, USA), Prof. Christiane Tammer (Institute Martin-Luther-Universit¨at Halle-Wittenberg, Germany), Prof., Aris Daniilidis (TU Wien University, Australia), Prof. Juan Enrique Martínez-Legaz (University Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain), Prof. Constantin Zălinescu (Ia¸si Branch of Romanian Academy, Romania), Prof. Alex Kruger (Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam) Prof. Hong-Kun Xu (Hangzhou University, China), Prof. Qamrul Hasan Ansari (Aligarh Muslim University, India), Ewa Bednarczuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), Prof. Do Sang Kim, Professor Gue Myung Lee (Pukyong University, Korea), Prof. Rabian Wangkeeree (Naresuan University, Thailand) Prof. Pham Tien Son (Da Lat University), Prof. Lam Quoc Anh (Can Tho University). Besides leading experts, this conference also attracts several potential PhD students and young scientists such as Prof. Tran Dinh Quoc (University of North Carolina, USA), Prof. Tran Thai An Nghia (Oakland University, USA), Prof. Truong Quang Bao (Northern Michigan University, USA), Dr. Pham Duy Khanh (Ho Chi Minh City University of Education), etc.

  In particular, the conference created opportunities for young researchers to have the opportunity to listen to and talk directly with experts in the field of Optimization and Calculus of Variations.

Assoc. Prof. Lê Minh Hà, Managing Director of VIASM at the opening ceremony 

Prof. Phan Quốc Khánh at the opening ceremony

On behalf of the Program Committee, Prof. Phan Quoc Khanh shared about the conference content and introduced Vietnamese and international guests. Professor Phan Quoc Khanh hopes that the cooperation between scientists in this field will continue to develop strongly in the next coming years. 

The conference had many excellent lectures, but due to limited capacity, we would like to focus on reporting on only a few lectures below. The order of the lectures is based on the order in which they appear at the conference.

GS. Hong-kun Xu at ICOVAA-2023

Prof. Hong-kun Xu (Hangzhou University, China) reports on the Halpern iterative method for solving fixed point and optimization problems, and its applications in machine learning theory. Besides, professeur also presented some research orientations for the class of differential and minimax inequality problems. The report has attracted the interest of many scientists, especially its rich applications.

Prof. Boris Mordukhovich gave a talk

An outstanding report by Prof. Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University, USA) on generalized subdivision 2 and applications to investigate convexity, optimal conditions for different types of solutions of nonlinear programming problems. The report has oriented and suggested many development directions for 2nd degree differential theory.

Prof. Alex Kruger delivered the lecture

Prof. Alex Kruger (Ton Duc Thang University) has an overview of metric regularization theory and the calculation of radii of stability. The report helped listeners have an overview on this topic and GS also suggested some open research directions.

Prof. Qamrul Hasan Ansari gave a talk

Prof. Qamrul Hasan Ansari (Aligarh Muslim University, India) presented the Gauss-Newton algorithm to solve a class of convex optimization problems in Riemannian manifolds. The demonstration of convergence with more mitigating conditions than before has received a lot of attention and lively discussion during the report.

Prof. Phạm Tiến Sơn at ICOVAA 2023

GS. Pham Tien Son (Da Lat University) presented a new study on subdifferentiation at infinity and its applications in optimization theory. The paper has a lively discussion because of the novelty of these concepts in the analysis of variables.

Prof. Đào Ngọc Minh presented at the conference 

GS.Prof. Dao Ngoc Minh (RMIT University, Australia) presented adjacency sub-differentiation algorithms to solve non-smooth and non-convex optimization problems. With a modern view, the report has attracted listeners and motivated young researchers to continue their passion for math research.

In addition to the invited talks, the conference also has several contributed reports at from the Vietnamese and international young scientists:

In addition to professional reports, the conference also organized a visit to Hanoi and tea parties between hours to create opportunities for scientists to meet, seek opportunities for cooperation and academic exchange.

 Speakers and participants at the coffee breaks 

Speakers and participants visited Temple of Literature