Mini-workshop on Geometric

On 21st July, the Hybrid Mini-Workshop on Geometric Analysis was taken at VIASM. This is one of the important topics in modern mathematics studied by many famous research centers and leading mathematicians in the world.


The Workshop has two sections. In the morning, there are three online talks by foreign mathematicians including: Prof. Tsz Ho Fong (HKUST, China), Prof. Jiayong Wu (Shanghai Univ., China), and Dr. Mai Cong Hung (Osaka Univ., Japan). The afternoon section has four offline talks by the research group at VIASM lead by Prof. Nguyen Thac Dung and Dr. Hung Tran. The four speakers are: Prof. Nguyen Thac Dung (VNU-HUS, Vietnam), Dr. Hung Tran (Texas Tech. Univ, USA), Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoang (VNU-HUS, Vietnam), and Ms. Ha Tuan Dung (Hanoi Pedagogical Univ. no 2, Vietnam).

The seven talks at the workshop introduced recent research results in Geometric Analysis and Differential Geometry. The contents of lectures cover several research directions including: the theory of Kahler-Ricci flow on complex manifolds, geometric inequalities, gradient estimates, the rigidity of isoperimetric inequalities on weighted Riemannian manifolds, differentiable sphere conjecture of the second kind, and minimal surfaces.

It is worth to note that Geometric Analysis is a very new research direction in Vietnam. Some research groups in these fields are under-constructed. Therefore, the workshop is a good address for domestic researchers to meet and discuss with other researchers and foreign mathematicians. During the workshop, international relations are continuing to develop. We believe that this kind of workshop, even bigger workshop will be continued in future.