The Mini-course “Moment Problem, Sums of squares and Polynomial Optimization”

The Course “Moment Problems, Sums of squares and Polynomial Optimization” was organized at Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) from 4th to 8th of March 2019 with VIASM also providing sponsorship.

The aim of the Course is provide fundamental knowledge and updates related to Moment Problems, Sums of Squares (SoS) representation of positive polynomials and Polynomial optimization.


The organizing committee invited leading experts in the world and in Vietnam to attend and give valuable lectures on the related topics to over 30 registered attendants. In details, the course consists of:

  • 06 Lectures on Moment Problems by Professor Konrad Schmüdgen (Leipzig University, Germany);
  • 02 Lectures on Approximation as well as Convexification of positive polynomials by Professor Krzysztof Kurdyka (Savoie Mont Blanc University, France);
  • 02 Lectures on Loosening SOS-Moment in Polynomial Optimization problems as well as in appllications beyond Optimization by Jean Bernard Lasserre (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France);
  • 02 Lectures on Łojasiewicz’s exponents and a related hypothesis by Dr. Grzegorz Oleksik (Lodz University, Poland);
  • 02 Lectures on Optimization of Polynomials on basic closed semi-algebraic sets by Professor Pham Tien Son (Da Lat University);

Notably, Professor Krzysztof Kurdyka and Professor Jean Bernard Lasserre were invited to presents their reports at “Algebraic and Complex Geometry và Optimal Control & Optimization” conference at International Congress of Mathematics in Brazil (ICM 2018).

In addition, the Course also featured 6 Tutorial sessions lectured in Vietnamese with the purpose of further elaborating contents related to the lectures given by the experts within the Course.