Pan Asian Number Theory Conference 2013 has opened

The 2013 Pan Asian Number Theory Conference (PANT) has been taking place at the VIASM B4 Lecture Hall this morning, July 22nd. The Conference will last until July 26th, 2013.

This year, the PANT Conference has 62 participants, among them are 49 foreigners. There are 22 mathematicians presenting their reports at the conference, including many famous mathematicians in the world.

The lectures at the first session of this PANT are by Prof. Freydoon Shahidi and Prof. Shunsuke Yamana titled “Some arithmetic consequences of Eisenstein series” and “L-functions and theta cor-respondence”, repectively.

Prof. Freydoon Shahidi giving his lecture

During the Conference, the participants will have a city tour and opportunities to watch water – puppet theatre, visit HaLong Bay at the weekend after closing the Conference.