Topology of Singularity

The three days workshop Topology of Singularity has started at VIASM on February 20, 2017. The aim of the workshop is to create a forum for researchers from Japan and Vietnam to exchange methods, new ideas, results, and perspectives in Singularity Theory. The studies of polynomial maps and plane curves have had great progresses in these thirty years due to deep communications between Japanese and Vietnamese mathematicians. The methods of these studies are very wide, including many techniques in algebraic geometry, topology and singularity theory. In the workshop, we discuss recent progress following these communications and related topics in singularity theory.

There are 11 talks and a poster session. The main topics of this workshop are topology of singularities. The talks by Hiroo Tokunaga, Chritophe Eyral, Nguyen Viet Dung, Jean-Paul Brasselet, Ichiro Shimada are about global study such as topology of the complement; the talks by Pham Tien Son, Mutsuo Oka, Ha Huy Vui, Shuichi Izumiya, Katsusuke Nabeshima are about local study such as classification of singularities. In celebration of Mutsuo Oka’s 70th birthday, his students (Ishikawa, Kawashima and Tai) gave a talk of his contributions to mathematics.

There are more than 40 participants on the first day of the workshop.