Training of Trainer course for Northern region in 2020

In the morning of August 17, 2020, deploying plans and tasks for year 2020 of the "National key program for developing Mathematics period 2010-2020", Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematics (VIASM) has opened the Training of Trainer course for the Northern region with the topic "Modern Statistics with R statistical software". Following the success of the training of trainer course in 2019, the goal of this year's training course is to equip and consolidate the basic knowledge of statistics and apply R statistical software to analyze and process data; at the same time, improving the teaching capacity of Statistics for lecturers at universities that do not specialize in Mathematics.


The training course will be held from August 17-21, 2020 at Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematics. The main content of the training course consists of two parts: Part 1 strengthens the teaching capacity of basic Statistics issues such as Sampling Methodology, Estimation, Hypothesis Testing and Regression. Lectures focus on support to solve common problems in teaching. Part 2 guides students to use the R statistical software in applied research and teaching Statistics. Participants work in groups to complete and present a small research project at the end of the course.


The lecturers of the training course include experts with lots of experience in research, teaching and applied statistics: Assoc. Prof. PhD. Ngo Hoang Long - Hanoi National Unveirstiyf of Education (in charge), PhD. Trinh Thi Huong – Thuong Mai University, PhD. Ngo Thi Thanh Nga - Thang Long University, PhD. Nguyen Thi Nhung - Thang Long University and PhD student Vu Thi Huyen Trang – Thuong Mai University. 

The training course attracted the participation of nearly 30 students from many universities in the North, many of whom had a PhD in Mathematics (in other majors). 

The training of trainer course has been implemented by VIASM since 2019, within the framework of the National Program for the Development of Mathematics 2010-2020 (NPDM). In 2019, the training course was held in the North and the South, with participation of nearly 100 lecturers from 59 schools across the country. This is one of the activities of the NPDM towards the development of research and application of Mathematics in various fields. In 2020, after a training course for lecturers at universities and colleges in the North, VIASM is expected to hold another training course for the Southern region. In addition to the basic training courses, VIASM will continue to organize an advanced training course for university lecturers to improving teaching capacity and using statistical tools in universities in Vietnam.