Satellite Workshops

AMC-2020 satellite workshops are a part of AMC-2020 activities. The aim of these workshops is to provide an opportunity for a closed group of mathematicians to present and/or discuss their results and ideas before moving to AMC-2020, if they intend to participate in both events.

AMC-2020 Satellite Workshop on Arithmetic of automorphic forms and their function field analogues
Venue: Hanoi, July 25-27, 2020
Organizers: Kim Wansu, Im Bo-Hae (KAIST), Ngo Dac Tuan (CNRS-Lyon), Nguyen Duy Tan (IMH Hanoi)

AMC-2020 satellite Workshop on Minimal Free Resolution and related topics
Venue: Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi (IMH); July 25-27, 2020 
Organizers: Doan Trung Cuong (IMH), Tai Huy Ha (Tulane University, USA), A.V. Jayanthan (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India), Hop D. Nguyen (IMH), Jinhyung Park (Sogang University, Korea)

AMC-2020 Satellite Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Theory
Venue: Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh; July 25-27, 2020
Organizers: Nguyen Quang Huy (Hanoi Pedagogical University 2), Bui Trong Kien (IMH), Vu Van Truong (Hoa Lu University), Nguyen Dong Yen (IMH)

AMC2020-Satellite Workshop on Deterministic and Stochastic Aspects of Differential Equations
Venue: Xuan Hoa; July 25-27, 2020
Organizers: Tran Van Bang (Hanoi Pedagogical University 2), Tran Manh Cuong (HUS-VNU Hanoi), Tran Dinh Ke (Hanoi University of Education) and Doan Thai Son (Institute of Mathematics, VAST)