Travel Information

To Vietnam

There are many airlines flying to Vietnam.The main destination is Hanoi (Noibai) airport, which is 160km from Halong. However, from some airport (for example Seoul, Bangkok, ...), there are direct flights to Hai Phong, which is 40km from Halong

Between Noi Bai International Airport and Halong

- If you will arrive in Noibai Airport on July 27, 2020 between 06:30 and 22:00 and if you replied our questionnaire on your flight and arrival time early enough, then we will send some persons to help you at the airport. Moreover, we will organize free bus transportation to Halong. In such a case, Please look at a board with the title


If you arrive before 06:30 or after 22:00, or if you do not meet the corresponding persons of the organizers, please take a taxi to go to Halong by yourself.

In general, we cannot organize pickup from the airport for those participants who arrive before or after July 27.

The Organizing committee will also arrange free transportation from Halong back to Noibai airport on July 31 and August 1.

- If you cannot get a bus, you can take a taxi. You can ask security officers how to take taxi and get the up-to-date policy of the airport. Currently, there are 8 regular taxi companies allowed serving at the airport, namely Mai Linh Taxi, Noi Bai Taxi, Taxi Group Airport, Venus Airport Taxi, Airport Taxi, ABC Taxi, Taxi DaiNam, Viet Thanh Taxi. After leaving the arrival hall of the Terminal 2, please follow the yellow sign to go left to taxi station. All these companies are obligated to follow taximeter pricing method only. The price is around 50 USD.

Between Hai Phong International Airport and Halong

You can take a taxi. The price is around 20 USD. If there will be a big group of participants arriving/departing at Hai Phong airport, we can arrange a fee transportation.

From venues of AMC-2020 satellite workshops to Halong bay
There will be free transportation from the venue of your satellite workshop to Halong in the afternoon of July 27. Moreover, during the workshop you will do on-site registration for the AMC-2020.

From Hanoi to Halong bay

If you will come to Hanoi some days earlier before AMC-2020 and do not attend a satellite workshop, you can still use free transportation from the venue of a satellite workshop to Halong in the afternoon of July 27, 2020. However, you should look at

to decide with which satellite workshop you prefer to joint and send the request by e-mail to before July 10, 2020.

Between hotels and the conference place and the places of social events:

Bus transportation will be organized between the hotels reserved by the organizers and the conference place and the places of social events, such as Halong bay tour and banquet. Participants, who reserve hotel by themselves, are recommended to take a taxi.