VIASM Meeting on Mathematical Aspects of Computer Sciences

Time:08:00:03/12/2021 to  17:00:04/12/2021

Venue/Location: It will be held online or in a hybrid mode.

1. Objective or Description of the Scientific Content:

VMMACS is an annual meeting in VIASM focusing on research in mathematical aspects of computer sciences. It brings together a community of Vietnamese researchers and leading international scientists around the world each year to present and discuss recent research results on applications of mathematics relevant to all areas of computer sciences, including theoretical computer science, coding theory, cryptography and cybersecurity, machine learning and AI. It also creates an opportunity for students in Vietnam to learn from senior researchers and deepen their connection with the community. Hosted by Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, VMMACS 2021 will feature keynote speeches by international scientists and invited speeches by Vietnamese researchers.

2. Organizing Committee

  • Lê Minh Hà, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics.
  • Nguyễn Hà Nam, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics.
  • Mai Anh Tiến, Singapore Management University.
  • Nguyễn Tạ Toàn Khoa, University of Wollongong.
  • Vũ Văn Khu, National University of Singapore.

3. Keynote speakers

San Ling - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Recent Constructions of Locally Repairable Codes. Abstract: here

Steven Galbraith - University of Auckland, New Zealand

Some applications of mathematics in cryptography. Abstract: here

4. Invited speakers

Nguyen Viet Anh - VinAI Research, Vietnam

Robust Recourses under Distributional Ambiguity

Vuong Thuy Duong - Stanford University, USA

Entropic Independence and Its Applications: Optimal Mixing for Glauber Dynamics on Ising models

Nguyen Dinh Chi - FPT, Vietnam

Modulation Codes: Innovation & Application

Ta Duy Hoang - ENS de Lyon, France

Larger Corner-Free Sets from Combinatorial Degenerations and the Symmetric Subrank of Tensors.

Dau Son Hoang - RMIT University, Australia

Private and Efficient Data Retrieval from a Merkle Tree

Le Hung - University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Graph Spanners: the Old, the New, and the Future

Nguyen Ngoc Khanh - IBM, Switzerland

Practical Zero-Knowledge Proofs From Lattices

Truong Vinh Lan - Cambridge University, UK

Replica Analysis of the Linear Model with Markov or Hidden Markov Signal Priors

Hoang Trong Nghia - Amazon, USA

Model Aggregation via Bayesian Nonparametric Methods

Trieu Ni - Arizona State University, USA

Private Matching at Scale

Nguyen Quoc Phong - National University of Singapore, Singapore

Value-at-Risk Optimization with Gaussian Processes

Francesco Sica - Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan

Factoring with Hints

Nguyen Hong Thanh - University of Oregon, USA

Addressing Real-world Societal Challenges: Advanced Game-Theoretic Models and Algorithms.

Nguyen Trung Thanh - Phenikaa University, Vietnam

A PTAS for a class of binary non-linear programs with low-rank functions

Do Xuan Thanh - VGISC, Vietnam

Traceable Inner Product Functional Encryption

Nguyen Tuan Thanh - Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Storing information in DNA: the next data storage revolution

Dao Duc Tu - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Maximum Length of Robust Positioning Sequences

5. Registration: here

Deadline: 29/11/2021

6. Language: English/ Vietnamese

7. Contact: Bui Viet Chinh, email:

8. Expected participants and requirements for participants: Students, PhD students, scientists at universities, research institutes, and representatives from R&D centers in government and business sectors. .