Nguyen Huu Du

Managing Director of VIASM (01/01/2013 - 31/01/2018)

nhdu AT | dunh AT

Education and academic degrees:

- B.A., Mathematics, University of Hanoi, 1979 (with honors).

- Ph.D., Probability and Statistics, University of Hanoi, 1990.

- Professor, 2002.

B.A Diploma:

• Period: 1975 to 1979

• Major Field of Study: Theory of Probability and Statistics

• Title of Thesis: Characteristic Problem in Probability Distributions

• Name of University: Faculty of Mathematics, Hanoi University.

Ph. D Diploma:

Period: 1987 to 1990

• Title of Thesis : Compactification Method for Solving Optimal Control Problem of Degenerate Diffusion Processes

• Supervisor: Professor N.E. Karoui,

• Name of University: University of Paris VI, France.

Title of Professor: 2006

Major Research interests:

• Theory of Optimal Control Problem for Stochastic Processes

• Stability of Dynamical Systems Described by Implicit Difference Equations or Algebraic Differential Equations.

• Stability of Stochastic Differential Equations

• Stability Radii

• Dynamics on Times Scales

• Applications of Random Dynamical Systems in Ecology and Environment

• Mathematical Methods in Finance

Positions Held:

• 1997-2006 Vice – Dean of Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics, VNU

• 2006-2013 Vice Rector of Hanoi University of Science-VNU

• 2008-2013 General Secretary of Vietnam Mathematical Society

• 2011-2013 Co Director of Francophonie Institute of Informatics

• 2013 President of Vietnam Mathematical Society

• 2013 Managing Director of Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics

• Editor of VNU Journal of Science

• Editor of Vietnam Journal of Mathematics

• Editor of Acta Mathematica Vietnamica

• Editor of Asian-European J. of Mathematics.

• Editor of East Asian Journal of Mathematics

Main Lectures and Training Courses:

• Introduction to Fundamental Mathematical Analysis

• Mathematical Models in Economy and Biology

• Introduction to Linear Algebra

• Fundament of Probability Theory

• Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Their Applications

• Theory of Stochastic Processes and Its Application in Economy and Biology

• Optimal Control Problem for Deterministic and Stochastic Systems

• Markov Processes

• Random Dynamical Systems.


1. Lectures on Mathematical Analysis

2. Statistical Analysis and Prediction

3. Optimal Control for Deterministic and Stochastic Systems


• 11 Ph. D Students

• 30 Master Students


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