Nguyen Thi Le Huong

Deputy Director (01/02/2013 - 31/01/2018)

ntlhuong AT

Education and academic degrees:

- 1980: Hanoi University of Education No 2

- 1996: Hanoi University of Education

- 1998: Certificate for Ad-Hoc of Education Management, The University of Reading, UK

- 2005: Certificate for University Leadership and Management, Ministry of Foreign Affaire of Singapore and the Hanns Seidel Foundation


- Deputy Director General, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Training: 2007 – 2013
- Expert, Department of Postgraduate Education – now it is Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Training: 1982 – 2007

Some special activities in the education area:

- 1997 – 1998: TCT Fellows Scholarships, the British Council, UK

- 2000 – 2007: Member of Master Students Selection Board, Teacher Training Project, Loan No. 1718-VIE(SF).

- 2000 – 2009: Member of Secretariat, Operation Committee of Government Scholarships Project.

- 2002 – 2006: Member of Master Students Selection Board, Primary Teacher Development Project, WB\DFID.

- 2003 – 2007: Member of Secretariat, Preparation Project Unit for the Second Higher Education Project, funded by the World Bank loan.

- 2004 – 2005: Chief of Secretariat, Preparation Unit for GOV’s Higher Education Reform Agenda 2006-2020.

- 2005: Study tour on Millennium Science Initiative in Brazil, Chile and USA.

- 2006: Study tour on World Class University in Germany and USA.

- 2007: Member of the Vietnam President’s Delegation to visit to the United State and participate to the Forum “Universities as Engines of Development: A Forum for the President of Vietnam”, The New School, New York, USA.

- 2007 – 2009: Standing Vice-Chairman of Steering Join Committee of the Vietnam Netherlands Higher Education Project. Governance Co-ordinator of the Vietnam; Second Higher Education Project (an World Bank Project).

- 2008 – present: Member of the Executive Boards of the Advanced Program Project.

- 2010 – present: Member of the Executive Boards of the Doctoral Training Project for lecturers at Vietnam universities and colleges in the period 2010 – 2020. Deputy Director of PMU on Excellent Universities Establishing


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