Tiền ấn phẩm

ViAsM18.19 ARINDAM BANERJEE, SELVI KARA BEYARSLAN, AND HUY TAI HÀ, Regularity of Powers of edge ideals: From local properties to global bounds (Posted on 06 14, 2018)
ViAsM18.18 Tran Nguyen An, Le Thanh Nhan, Luu Phuong Thao, Generalized cohen-macaulayness and non-cohen-macaulay locus of canonical modules (Posted on 06 05, 2018)
ViAsM18.17 Dinh Cong Huong, Mai Viet Thuan, Quan Thai Ha, State and unknown disturbance simultaneous estimation for one-sided Lipschitz fractional-order systems with time-delay (Posted on 06 05, 2018)
ViAsM18.16 Nguyen Xuan Hong, Hoang Van Can, On the approximation of weakly plurifinely plurisubharmonic functions (Posted on 05 25, 2018)
ViAsM18.15 Nguyen Xuan Hong, Hoang Van Can, Weakly solutions to the complex Monge-Ampere equation on bounded ` plurifinely hyperconvex domains (Posted on 05 25, 2018)
ViAsM18.14 Le Mau Hai, Vu Van Quan, Holder continuous subsolutions imply Holder continuous solutions on domains of plurisubharmonic type m (Posted on 05 23, 2018)
ViAsM18.13 Mai Viet Thuan, Dinh Cong Huong, Robust finite-time stability and stabilization of a class of fractional-order switched nonlinear systems (Posted on 05 23, 2018)
ViAsM18.12 Vu Ngoc Phat, Nguyen Truong Thanh, Nguyen Huyen Muoi, Switching law design for finite-time stability of singular fractional-order systems with delay (Posted on 05 22, 2018)
ViAsM18.11 D.C. Huong, D.T. Duc, The boundedness of non-autonomous nonlinear time-varying delay difference equations subject to external disturbances and its applications (Posted on 05 21, 2018)
ViAsM18.10 Duong Trong Luyen, Nguyen Minh Tri, Existence of infinitely many solutions for semilinear degenerate Schrödinger equations (Posted on 05 21, 2018)
ViAsM18.9 Nguyen Ky Nam, Pham Dinh Tung, Constructing 3-level Foldover Screening Designs using Cyclic Generators (Posted on 05 21, 2018)
ViAsM18.8 Nguyen Ky Nam, Pham Dinh Tung, Constructing D-Efficient Mixed-Level Foldover Designs Using Hadamard Matrices (Posted on 05 21, 2018)
ViAsM18.7 Phan Thanh Nam, Luu Thi Hiep, State bounding for positive coupled differential - difference equations with bounded disturbances (Posted on 05 16, 2018)
ViAsM18.6 Le Quang Thuan, Nikolaos Moustakis, Bingyu Zhou, Simone Baldi, Fault Detection and Identification for a Class of Continuous Piecewise Affine Systems with Unknown Subsystems and Partitions (Posted on 05 16, 2018)
ViAsM18.5 Le Quang Thuan, Dinh Thanh Duc, The existence of solutions for a new class of differential inclusions involving proximal normal cone mappings (Posted on 05 16, 2018)
ViAsM18.4 Nguyen Truong Thanh, Vu Ngoc Phat, Finite-time stability of nonlinear fractional differential equations with interval time-varying delay (Posted on 04 16, 2018)
ViAsM18.3 Le Mau Hai, Vu Van Quan, Weak solutions to equations of complex Monge-Ampère type on open subsets of C^n (Posted on 04 16, 2018)
ViAsM18.2 Le Mau Hai, Vu Van Quan, Weak solutions to the complex Monge-Amp`ere equation on open subsets of Cn and applications (Posted on 03 23, 2018)
ViAsM18.1 Vu Ngoc Phat, Mai Viet Thuan, Finite-time control analysis for a class of nonlinear fractional-order systems subject to disturbance (Posted on 03 23, 2018)