Mini-Course: Generalized Lelong numbers for positive plurisubharmonic currents

Thời gian: 09:00:25/07/2022 đến 12:00:29/07/2022

Địa điểm: Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), Hanoi, Vietnam

Tóm tắt:

1. Time: 25-29 July, 2022 (There will be 3 lectures, from 9-12AM on Monday 25, Wednesday 27 and Friday 29 in July 2022.  )

2. Venue: Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), Hanoi, Vietnam

3. Lecturer: Việt-Anh Nguyễn, University of Lille

4. Description: 

Dinh-Sibony theory of tangent and density currents is a recent but powerful tool to study positive closed currents. Over twenty years ago, Alessandrini and Bassanelli initiated the theory of the Lelong number of a positive plurisubharmonic current in Ck along a linear subspace. Although the latter theory is intriguing, it has not yet been explored in-depth since then. 

The first main goal of this introductory course is to make the audience familiar with some remarkable aspects of these two theories. Introducing the concept of the generalized Lelong numbers, the second main goal of this course is to extend both theories to a more general class of positive plurisubharmonic currents and in a more general context of ambient manifolds. 

The central new concepts are  tangent currents and  (strongly) admissible maps.  The new tool is some Lelong--Jensen formulas for holomorphic vector bundles.

5. Language: English and Vietnamese

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7. Registration: here 

Deadline for registration: 22 July 2022