Visa Information

In principles, visitors to Vietnam should obtain a visa prior to their travel (no later than four weeks) unless they are bearing a nationality which has visa exemption agreements with Vietnam. List of those nationalities (with details information and restriction) could be found here. 

Please readthrough the common visa options below to determine which one is best suited for your application. Visitors usually apply for either a tourist visa or a business visa to Vietnam at:

- Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulates in their country (by person, by mail, online or by email)

- International airport in Vietnam upon arrival.

1. For a tourist visa:

Participants could apply:

- at the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulates in their country (for details, please visit an official website of the Embassy).

- online at the Vietnam Immigration Department only for some countries eligible for electronic visa - Click HERE for details. Once an E-visa is issued, the visa applicant will be able to print the E-visa to enter/exit VN.   

2. We recommend all participants of the conference to apply for a business visa, not as a tourist visa as in the first two options above.  

For business visa, there are two possibilities: Obtain a visa at Vietnamese Embassy in your country or an on-arrival visa (that is, visa will be issued at the entry airport in Vietnam, but beware of the long waiting line at the airport). Please follows the following steps: 

Step 1: Fill all required information (you and your accompanying persons) in a Visa Request form.

Step 2: Send Visa Request form with the name “AQFC-VisaRequest_your name” to the email “” (to avoid any typos in filling the form, it would help if you could scan and send us the most important pages of your passport (and the passports of accompanying persons)  which shown your personal information.

Step 3: After getting your data, we will obtain a Vietnam Approval Letter within around 10 working days. The Approval Letter is a document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, functioned as an official permission for fast-track visa application.

A colored scanned copy of the letter will be sent to you via email (please make sure that your email address is written correctly!).

- Sample of Vietnam visa approval letter to get visa on arrival - Preview

- Sample of Vietnam visa approval letter to get visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate - Preview

Step 4: Please make sure to add the approval letter to the application package to apply at the Vietnamese Embassy or to Immigration Officer at the Vietnam International airport and get a visa stamp. 


- Using business visa, you and your accompanying persons can travel before and/or after the meeting.

- An Approval Letter is confirmed by Vietnam Immigration Department. At the airport, the corresponding authority will verify the details on the approval letter (shown that you are allowed to receive at the airport), based on your passport and travel documents. You will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter.