Counterexamples to the cosmic no-hair conjecture

Thời gian: 09:00 đến 11:00 Ngày 24/11/2023

Địa điểm: C101, VIASM

Lecturer: Tuan Q. Do, Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study, Phenikaa University

Abstract: We will present the main results of our investigations on the validity of cosmic no-hair conjecture proposed by Hawking and his colleagues a long time ago in the framework of anisotropic inflationary model proposed by Kanno, Soda, and Watanabe. As a result, we will show that the cosmic no-hair conjecture is extensively violated in the Kanno-Soda-Watanabe model for both canonical and non-canonical scalar fields due to the existence of a non-trivial coupling term between scalar and vector fields. More interestingly, we will point out an interesting counterexample, whose tensor-to-scalar ratio is highly consistent with the observational data of the Planck 2018.