Existence of Pareto solutions for polynomial vector optimization

Thời gian: 09:00 đến 10:30 Ngày 10/05/2022

Địa điểm: C101, VIASM

Báo cáo viên: Phạm Tiến Sơn - ĐH Đà Lạt

Tóm tắt:
We will discuss about the existence of Pareto solutions for polynomial vector optimization. We establish relationships between the notions of properness, M-tameness, and the Palais--Smale conditions formulated for the restriction of the vector cost mapping on the constraint set. These results are instrumental to derive necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of Pareto solutions in polynomial vector optimization. Finally, some open questions are discussed.
The talk is based on recent joint works with D. S. Kim, B. S. Mordukhovich and N. V. Tuyen.