Mini-course: An Introduction to Schemes

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Địa điểm: C101, VIASM

Báo cáo viên: Phùng Hồ Hải - Viện Toán học, Viện Hàn lâm Khoa học và Công nghệ Việt Nam

Tóm tắt:
Aim: this is an introductory course, my aim is to get the student acquainted with some basic concepts in the theory of schemes
Prerequisites: basics of commutative algebra (rings, ideals, modules), topology (topological spaces, sheaves) and differential geometry (manifolds, tangent spaces). 
Content (tentative):
1. Schemes: basic properties, morphisms   
2. Schemes over fields: schemes as functors, fiber products, base change 
3. Schemes over fields: points and galois actions, dimension, geometric properties 
4. Local properties of schemes: tangent space, smooth morphisms, regular schemes, normal schemes
5. Quasi-coherent modules: properties 
6. Vector bundles: vector bundles and locally free sheaves, line bundles and divisors
7. Flat morphism: basic properties, faithfully flat descent. 
1.  U. Goertz, T. Wedhorn, Algebraic Geometry I: Schemes, Springer 
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Topic: Mini-course: An Introduction to Schemes

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