Mini-course “Topics in Lattice-Based Cryptography”

Thời gian: 09:00:11/03/2019 đến 12:00:14/03/2019

Địa điểm: C2-714, VIASM

Objective: Lattice-based cryptography is currently one of the most prominent research directions in the field of cryptography. This course aims to discuss the designs of various lattice-based cryptosystems, ranging from very basic schemes to highly advanced ones. 

Prerequisites: Undergraduate-level mathematics, basic knowledge on modern cryptography and lattice-based cryptography 

Lecturer: Dr Khoa Nguyen received his PhD degree in cryptography in 2014, at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is currently a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at NTU. His research interests are in the area of post-quantum cryptography, especially the design and analysis of privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols from lattices and codes. Among his publications, 12 papers have been published at conferences held by the International Association of Cryptologic Research (IACR), such as EUROCRYPT, CRYPTO, ASIACRYPT and PKC. He has been co-supervising 4 PhD students and has been serving in the Program Committees of more than 10 international conferences in cryptography and security, including ASIACRYPT 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Organizer: Lê Minh Hà (VIASM)

Host institution: VIASM

Registration:  VIASM cordially invites all interested colleagues, Master & PhD students to participate the school. There will be no conference fee. For online registration, please go to: here

Deadline for registration: March 1, 2019