Multivariate public key cryptosystems - Candidates for the Next Generation Post-quantum Standards

Thời gian: 15:00 đến 16:30 Ngày 16/08/2019

Địa điểm: C2-714, VIASM

Báo cáo viên: Prof. Jintai Ding - University of Cincinnati

Tóm tắt:

Multivariate public key cryptosystems (MPKC) are one of the four main families of post-quantum public key cryptosystems. In a MPKC, the public key is given by a set of quadratic polynomials and its security is based on the hardness of solving a set of multivariate polynomials. In this talk, we will give an introduction to the multivariate public key cryptosystems including the main designs, the main attack tools and the mathematical theory behind in particular algebraic geometry. We will also  present state of the art research in the area.


Short biography:

Jintai Ding is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati. He received  Ph.D from Yale in 1995. He was a lecturer at the RIMS of Kyoto University 1995-1998. In 2006-2007, he was a visiting professor and Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow at TU Darmstadt. He received the ZhongJiaQing Prize from the Chinese Mathematical Society in 1990. His research was originally in quantum affine algebras, where he was credited for the Ding-Iohara-Miki algebra.  His current interest is in post-quantum cryptography. He was a co-chair of the 2nd and the 10th international workshop on post-quantum cryptography. He and his colleagues developed the Rainbow signature, the GUI HFEV- signature, the Simple Matrix encryption and the LWE-based key exchange schemes. The Rainbow signature scheme is currently a candidate in the second round of the NIST post-quantum cryptography standardization selection.

5. Ngôn ngữ: English