Stochastic processes and their applications

Thời gian: 09:00 đến 17:00 Ngày 09/03/2017

Địa điểm: B4-705, VIASM

Ban tổ chức: Nguyen Huu Du, Luu Hoang Duc, Tran Tat Dat

Ban khoa học: Nguyen Huu Du, Luu Hoang Duc, Tran Tat Dat

Mục đích: The aim of the workshop is to create a conversation among experts in the fields of applied probability and stochastic processes, as well as to promote potential collaborations in the future.

Báo cáo mời: 1. Juergen Jost (MPI MiS): Stochastic perturbations of neuronal dynamics and the appearance and disappearance of spikes 2. Max Hongler (EPFL): Swarms dynamics - Analytically soluble models of agents collective behaviours in random environments. 3. Nguyen Huu Du (VIASM-HUS): tba 4. Luu Hoang Duc (IMH-VAST& MPI MiS): CIR type model driven by mixed noises. 5. Tran Tat Dat (MPI MiS): Free energy functional method and its application in Wright-Fisher model 6. Pham Viet Hung (IMH-VAST): Conjunction probability of smooth centered Gaussian fields

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Cơ quan tổ chức và tài trợ: Viasm, IMH

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Ngôn ngữ chính trong workshop: Tiếng Anh