Tiền ấn phẩm

ViAsM13.50 T.H. Dao Thi, J.M. Fourneau, N. Pekergin, F. Quessette, Time Parallel Simulation for Dynamic Fault Trees (Posted on 12 25, 2013)
ViAsM13.49 Phan Thi Ha Duong, Nguyen Ngoc Doanh, Kevin Perrot, Effects of Migration of Three Competing Species on Their Distributions in Multizone Environment (Posted on 12 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.49 , Effects of Migration of Three Competing Species on Their Distributions in Multizone Environment (Posted on 12 18, 2014)
ViAsM13.48 Nguyen Tu Cuong, Pham Hung Quy, Hoang Le Truong, On the index of reducibility in Noetherian modules (Posted on 12 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.47 Nguyen Tu Cuong, Nguyen Tuan Long, Hoang Le Truong, Uniform bounds in sequentially generalized cohen-macaulay modules (Posted on 12 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.46 Andrew Rosalsky, Le Van Thanh, Nguyen Thi Thuy, On the Laws of Large Numbers for Double Arrays of Independent Random Elements in Banach Spaces (Posted on 11 27, 2013)
ViAsM13.45 Le Van Thanh, On the Berry-Esseen bound for a combinatorial central limit theorem (Posted on 11 27, 2013)
ViAsM13.44 Le Van Thanh, On the Cramésr type moderate deviation for Jack measures (Posted on 11 27, 2013)
ViAsM13.43 Cung The Anh, Global attractor for a semilinear strongly degenerate parabolic equation on R^N (Posted on 11 17, 2013)
ViAsM13.42 Le Thanh Nhan, Pham Hung Quy, Attached primes of local cohomology modules under localization and conpletion (Posted on 11 28, 2013)
ViAsM13.41 Le Thanh Nhan, Pham Hung Quy, Attached primes of local cohomology modules under localization and conpletion (Posted on 11 28, 2013)
ViAsM13.41 Le Thanh Nhan, Pham Hung Quy, Attached primes of local cohomology modules under localization and conpletion (Posted on 11 28, 2013)
ViAsM13.40 Cung The Anh, Dao Trong Quyet, Pullback attractors in Vg for non-autonomous 2Dg-Navier-Stokes equations in some unbounded domains (Posted on 11 28, 2013)
ViAsM13.39 Phan Hoang Chon, Dong Thanh Triet, On behavior of the Lannes-Zarati homomorphism (Posted on 12 26, 2013)
ViAsM13.38 Tran Tuan Nam, Nguyen Minh Tri, Some results on local cohomology modules with respect to a pair of ideals (Posted on 11 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.37 Cung The Anh, Pham Thi Trang, Finite-dimensional pullback attractors for non-autonomous 3D viscous primitive equations (Posted on 11 12, 2013)
ViAsM13.36 Cung The Anh, Tran Dinh Ke, Polynomial decay solutions to fractional differential inclusions with infinite delays (Posted on 11 12, 2013)
ViAsM13.35 Dang Anh Tuan, Isoperimetric problem in a sector (Posted on 10 23, 2013)
ViAsM13.34 Phan Hoang Chon, The Hopf ring structure on the mod p homology of QS$^0$ (Posted on 08 28, 2013)
ViAsM13.32 Nguyen Sum, On the Peterson hit problem of five variables and its applications to the fifth Singer transfer (Posted on 08 26, 2013)
ViAsM13.31 Nam Q. Le, Ovidiu Savin, On boundary Holder gradient estimates for solutions to the linearized Monge-Ampere equations (Posted on 08 24, 2013)
ViAsM13.30 Nguyen Van Huan, Nguyen Van Quang, Nguyen Tran Thuan, On the complete convergence for sequences of coordinatewise negatively associated random vectors in Hilbert spaces (Posted on 07 25, 2013)
ViAsM13.29 Nguyen Tran Thuan, Nguyen Van Quang, Negative association and negative dependence for random upper semicontinuous functions, with applications (Posted on 07 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.28 Nguyen Van Quang, Duong Xuan Giap, Slln for triangular array of row-wise exchangeable random sets and fuzzy random sets with respect to mosco convergence (Posted on 07 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.27 Sang-Gu Lee, Quoc-Phong Vu, Simultaneous solutions of operator sylvester equations (Posted on 07 11, 2013)
ViAsM13.26 Sang-Gu Lee, Quoc-Phong Vu, Separation of spectra in block matrix triangles, simultaneous solutions of sylvester equations and the parlett’s method (Posted on 07 09, 2013)
ViAsM13.25 Nguyễn Sum, On the Peterson hit problem (Posted on 06 09, 2016)
ViAsM13.24 Nguyen Tran Thuan, Nguyen Van Quang, Baum-Katz type theorems for pairwise independent random elements in metric spaces (Posted on 11 04, 2014)
ViAsM13.23 , Subextension of plurisubharmonic functions without changing the Monge-Ampere measures and applications (Posted on 10 06, 2013)
ViAsM13.22 Tran Loc Hung, Le Truong Giang, On the Bounds in Poisson Approximation for distributions of sums of independent negative-binomial random variables (Posted on 10 01, 2014)
ViAsM13.21 Nguyen Van Quang, Pham Tri Nguyen, Some strong laws of large number for double array of random upper semicontinuous funtions in convex combination spaces (Posted on 09 03, 2014)
ViAsM13.20 Duong Pham, Thanh Tran, Dung Dinh, Alexey Chernov, Exterior Dirichlet and Neumann problems in domains with random boundaries: a shape calculus approach (Posted on 08 28, 2014)
ViAsM13.19 Nguyen Ky Nam, Tung-Dinh Pham, Searching for D-efficient Equivalent-Estimation Second-Order Split-Plot Designs (Posted on 08 22, 2014)
ViAsM13.18 Do Duc Dong, Tran Ngoc Ha, Dang Thanh Hai, Dang Cao Cuong, Hoang Xuan Huan, An efficient algorithm for global alignment of protein-protein interaction networks (Posted on 08 22, 2014)
ViAsM13.17 Patrick L. Combettes, Dinh Dung, Kolmogorov n-Widths of Function Classes Defined by a Non-Degenerate Differential Operator (Posted on 08 20, 2014)
ViAsM13.16 Gerd Dethloff, Do Duc Thai, Pham Nguyen Thu Trang, Normal families of meromorphic mappings of several complex variables for moving hypersurfaces in a complex projective space (Posted on 04 04, 2013)
ViAsM13.10 Thuy Nguyen Phuong, Doanh Nguyen Ngoc, Effects of Spatial Heterogeneity and Behavioral Tactics on Dynamics of Two Consumers and One Common Resource (Posted on 04 01, 2013)
ViAsM13.9 Nguyen Van Chau, Jacobian pairs of two rational polynomials are automorphisms (Posted on 03 21, 2013)
ViAsM13.8 K´evin Perrot, Trung Van Pham, NP-hardness of minimum feedback arc set problem on Eulerian digraphs and minimum recurrent configuration problem of Chip-firing game (Posted on 03 18, 2013)
ViAsM13.7 Doan Trung Cuong, Fibers of flat morphisms and weierstrass preparation theorem (Posted on 03 11, 2013)
ViAsM13.6 Si Duc Quang, Le Ngoc Quynh, Two meromorphic mappings sharing 2n + 2 hyperplanes regardless of multiplicity (Posted on 02 05, 2013)
ViAsM13.5 Si Duc Quang, Second main theorem and unicity of meromorphic mappings for projective varieties in subgeneral position (Posted on 02 05, 2013)
ViAsM13.4 Chenlei Leng, Minh-Ngoc Tran, David Nott, Bayesian Adaptive Lasso (Posted on 01 16, 2013)
ViAsM13.3 Nguyen Quang Dieu, Phung Van Manh, Rapid convergence of rational functions and pluripolar hulls (Posted on 01 04, 2013)
ViAsM13.2 Mau Hai Le, Quang Dieu Nguyen, Xuan Hong Nguyen, Existence and compactness for the ∂-Neumann operator on q-Convex domains (Posted on 01 04, 2013)
ViAsM13.1 Ta Thi Hoai An, Nguyen Ngoc Diep, Genus one factors of curves defined by separated variable polynomials (Posted on 01 03, 2013)