Tiền ấn phẩm

ViAsM14.61 Phan H. Chon, Dong T. Triet, On the mod p lannes-zarati homomorphism (Posted on 02 26, 2015)
ViAsM14.60 Nguyen Quang Dieu, Phung Van Manh, Pham Hien Bang, Le Thanh Hung, Vitali's theorem without uniform boundedness (Posted on 02 25, 2015)
ViAsM14.59 Le Cong Trinh, Equinormalizability and topological triviality of deformations of isolated curve singularities over smooth base spaces (Posted on 02 06, 2015)
ViAsM14.58 Dinh Dung, Charles A. Micchelli, Vu Nhat Huy, Applications of the alexander ideals to the isomorphism problem for families of groups (Posted on 02 06, 2015)
ViAsM14.57 Dinh Dung, Charles A. Micchelli, Vu Nhat Huy, Multivariate approximation by translates of tensor product kernel on Smolyak grids (Posted on 02 06, 2015)
ViAsM14.56 Ngo Dac Tan, On vertex disjoint cycles of different length in 3-regular digraphs (Posted on 02 06, 2015)
ViAsM14.55 Gerd Dethloff, Pham Hoang Ha, Pham Duc Thoan, Ramification of the gauss map of complete minimal surfaces in R^m on annular ends (Posted on 02 06, 2015)
ViAsM14.54 Pham Hoang Ha, Nguyen Van Trao, Non-integrated defect relations for the gauss maps of complete minimal surfaces with finite total curvature (Posted on 02 06, 2015)
ViAsM14.53 Le Q. Thuy, Le D. Muu, A Hybrid Method for a System Involving Equilibrium Problems, Variational Inequalities and Nonexpansive Semigroup (Posted on 01 30, 2015)
ViAsM14.52 Le Q. Thuy, Pham K. Anh, Le D. Muu, Hybrid Extragradient-Armijo Methods for Finite Families of Pseudomonotone Equilibrium problems and Nonexpansive Mappings (Posted on 01 30, 2015)
ViAsM14.51 Pham Ky Anh, Nguyen Buong, Dang Van Hieu, Parallel methods for regularizing systems of equations involving accretive operators (Posted on 01 30, 2015)
ViAsM14.50 Pham Ky Anh, Dang Van Hieu, Parallel and sequential hybrid methods for a finite family of asymptotically quasi φ-nonexpansive mappings (Posted on 01 30, 2015)
ViAsM14.49 P. K. Anh, D.V. Hieu, Parallel hybrid iterative methods for variational inequalities, equilibrium problems and common fixed point problems (Posted on 01 30, 2015)
ViAsM14.48 Dang Van Hieu, Le Dung Muu, Pham Ky Anh, Parallel hybrid extragradient methods for pseudomonotone equilibrium problems and nonexpansive mappings (Posted on 01 30, 2015)
ViAsM14.47 Tran Van Tan, Vu Van Truong, A general form of the Second Main Theorem for hypersurfaces (Posted on 01 19, 2015)
ViAsM14.45 Christophe Crespelle, Tien-Nam Le, Kevin Perrot, Thi Ha Duong Phan, Linearity is Strictly More Powerful than Contiguity for Encoding Graphs (Posted on 01 12, 2015)
ViAsM14.44 Thi Ha Duong Phan, Christophe Crespelle, The Hung Tran, ermination of the Iterated Strong-Factor Operator on Multipartite Graphs (Posted on 01 12, 2015)
ViAsM14.43 Nguyen Hoang, Some regularity properties of viscosity solutions defined by hopf formula (Posted on 05 27, 2016)
ViAsM14.42 Le Cong Trinh, Representation of non-negative Morse polynomial functions and applications in Polynomial Optimization (Posted on 12 24, 2014)
ViAsM14.41 Pham Ngoc Anh, Le Q. Thuy, Tran T.H. Anh, Strong convergence of subgradient-viscosity methods for the bilevel Ky Fan inequality (Posted on 12 24, 2014)
ViAsM14.40 Pham Ngoc Anh, Trinh N. Hai, An ergodic approach to the Ky Fan inequality over the fixed point set (Posted on 12 24, 2014)
ViAsM14.39 Phan Hoang Chon, Modular coinvariants and the mod p homology of QS^k (Posted on 12 23, 2014)
ViAsM14.38 Nguyen Van Tuyen, On the convergence of relative Pareto efficient sets and the lower semicontinuity of relative Pareto efficient multifunctions (Posted on 12 23, 2014)
ViAsM14.37 Nguyen Van Tuyen, Optimality conditions for vector optimization problems with generalized order (Posted on 12 23, 2014)
ViAsM14.36 Si Duc Quang, Finiteness problem of meromorphic functions sharing four small functions regardless of multiplicities (Posted on 12 13, 2014)
ViAsM14.35 Si Duc Quang, Le Ngoc Quynh, Meromorphic mappings having the same inverse images of moving hyperplanes with truncated multiplicities (Posted on 12 13, 2014)
ViAsM14.34 Nguyen Quoc Thang, A Norm Principle for class groups of reductive group schemes over Dedekind rings (Posted on 12 02, 2014)
ViAsM14.33 Nguyen Thi Toan, Le Quang Thuy, Second-Order Necessary Optimality Conditions for a Discrete Optimal Control Problem with Mixed Constraints (Posted on 10 25, 2014)
ViAsM14.32 Ngo Thi Ngoan, Nguyen Quoc Thang, On some Hasse principles for algebraic groups over global fields. II (Posted on 11 21, 2014)
ViAsM14.31 Ngo Thi Ngoan, Nguyen Quoc Thang, On some Hasse principles for algebraic groups over global fields (Posted on 11 21, 2014)
ViAsM14.30 Nguyen Quoc Thang, Dao Phuong Bac, Some topics in geometric invariant theory over non-algebraically closed fields (Posted on 11 21, 2014)
ViAsM14.29 Nguyen Thac Dung, Keomkyo Seo, Vanishing theorems for L^2 harmonic 1-forms on complete submanifolds in a Riemannian manifold (Posted on 11 17, 2014)
ViAsM14.28 Do Huy Hoang, Le Xuan Truong, Fredholm alternative for the second order differential opertor associated to a class of boundary conditions (Posted on 05 27, 2016)
ViAsM14.27 Nguyen Van Quang, Duong Xuan Giap, Multidimensional and Multivalued ergodic theorems for measure-preserving transformations (Posted on 11 11, 2014)
ViAsM14.26 Charles Castaing, Nguyen Van Quang, Hoang Thi Duyen, Convergence of weighted sums and strong law of large numbers for convex compact integrable random sets and fuzzy random sets (Posted on 04 10, 2014)
ViAsM14.25 Nguyen Van Huan, On the complete convergence for sequences of random vectors in Hilbert spaces (Posted on 11 07, 2014)
ViAsM14.24 Nguyen Tran Thuan, Nguyen Van Quang, Baum-Katz type theorems for pairwise independent random elements in metric spaces (Posted on 11 04, 2014)
ViAsM14.23 Le Cong Trinh, Some Positivstellensätze for polynomial matrices (Posted on 11 03, 2016)
ViAsM14.22 Tran Loc Hung, Le Truong Giang, On the Bounds in Poisson Approximation for distributions of sums of independent negative-binomial random variables (Posted on 10 01, 2015)
ViAsM14.21 Nguyen Van Quang, Pham Tri Nguyen, Some strong laws of large number for double array of random upper semicontinuous funtions in convex combination spaces (Posted on 11 03, 2014)
ViAsM14.20 Duong Pham, Thanh Tran, Dung Dinh, Alexey Chernov, Exterior Dirichlet and Neumann problems in domains with random boundaries: a shape calculus approach (Posted on 08 28, 2014)
ViAsM14.19 Nguyen Ky Nam, Tung-Dinh Pham, Searching for D-efficient Equivalent-Estimation Second-Order Split-Plot Designs (Posted on 08 22, 2014)
ViAsM14.18 Do Duc Dong, Tran Ngoc Ha, Dang Thanh Hai, Dang Cao Cuong, Hoang Xuan Huan, An efficient algorithm for global alignment of protein-protein interaction networks (Posted on 05 25, 2016)
ViAsM14.17 Patrick L. Combettes, Dinh Dung, Kolmogorov n-Widths of Function Classes Defined by a Non-Degenerate Differential Operator (Posted on 08 20, 2014)
ViAsM14.16 Dinh Dung, High-dimensional periodic sampling and cubature on Smolyak grids based on B-spline quasi-interpolation (Posted on 08 20, 2014)
ViAsM14.15 Bui Xuan Hai, Mai Hoang Bien, Trinh Thanh Deo, Division rings related to the kurosh problem (Posted on 08 07, 2015)
ViAsM14.14 Bui Xuan Hai and Nguyen Anh Tu, On multiplicative subgroups in division rings (Posted on 08 07, 2014)
ViAsM14.13 , Orbits of rotor-router operation and stationary distribution of random walks on directed graphs∗ (Posted on 07 23, 2014)
ViAsM14.12 Ha Huy Bang, Vu Nhat Huy, A new Bohr-Nikol’skill inequality (Posted on 07 02, 2014)
ViAsM14.11 Pham Ngoc Anh, Generalition of a theorem of clifford (Posted on 07 27, 2014)
ViAsM14.10 Le Van Thuyet, Phan Dan, Truong Cong Quynh, Modules invariant under idempotents of their envelope (Posted on 06 16, 2014)
ViAsM14.9 Tran Ngoc Ha, Do Duc Dong, Hoang Xuan Huan, A Novel Ant Based Algorithmfor Multiple Graph Alignment (Posted on 06 13, 2014)
ViAsM14.8 Ha Huy Bang, Vu Nhat Huy, Estimate the sequence of norm of primitives of functions in orlicz spaces through their spectrum (Posted on 06 12, 2014)
ViAsM14.7 Glenn Byrenheid, Dinh Dung, Winfried Sickel, Tino Ullrich, Sampling on energy-norm based sparse grids for the optimal recovery of Sobolev type functions in H^γ (Posted on 05 28, 2014)
ViAsM14.6 Xuan Huan Hoang, The Hung Nguyen, T. Thu Ha Doan, T. Anh Tuyet Duong, An Efficient Ant Colony Algorithm for DNA Motif Finding (Posted on 05 06, 2014)
ViAsM14.5 Dinh Dung, Bang Cong Vu, A splitting algorithm for system of composite monotone inclusions (Posted on 04 26, 2014)
ViAsM14.4 Dinh Dung, Sampling and cubature on sparse grids based on a B-spline quasi-interpolation (Posted on 04 15, 2014)
ViAsM14.3 Le Hong Trang, Attila Kozma, Phan Thanh An, Moritz Diehl, A sequential convex programming algorithm for minimizing a sum of Euclidean norms with non-convex constraints (Posted on 04 14, 2014)
ViAsM14.2 Le Cong Trinh, Some remarks on flatness of morphisms over smooth base spaces (Posted on 04 04, 2014)
ViAsM14.1 Dinh Dung, Tino Ullrich, Lower bounds for the integration error for multivariate functions with mixed smoothness and optimal Fibonacci cubature for functions on the square (Posted on 03 28, 2014)