Parallel Sessions

    There are 3 sessions: 
  • Session on Control theory applied to Societal problems: Control theory finds numerous applications in everyday life and technology. The objective of this section is to establish a platform for exchanging novel results and approaches concerning various aspects of controllability, optimal control, and stabilization

  • Session on Mathematics for Sustainable Development: Water Resource Management, Fishery Management and Epidemiology: The session will present recent developments in the field of mathematical modeling of ecological systems with a focus on sustainable development approaches. The session will also address sustainable water resource management and climate change, sustainable management of fisheries systems, and epidemiology. Beyond the theoretical approaches, particular attention will be paid to presentations comparing mathematical models to real cases, notably Vietnam.
  • Session on AI and Data Science: This session introduces some recent work in France and Vietnam in the field of AI and data science, both from theoretical to applied research and development in the above fields. In particular, the session has the participation of Vietnamese scientists who were trained in France as well as French scientists who are doing research and teaching in Vietnam.

The program for each session is available here