Algebraic topology activity 2023 in Hanoi

Mini course: The Quillen map for the alternating groups 

Lecturer: Prof. Jean Lannes



Mini course: On the cohomology of the general linear groups over prime fields 

Lecturer: Prof. Huỳnh Mùi

Abstract: This is an elementary course in modulo p cohomology of finite groups. Let X be a finite set and V a vector space on the prime field Fp. Then V, as a set, can be included in X if the cardinal number of X is not smaller than that of V. The symmetric group Sym(X) on X contains two special subgroups: the group E(V) of all translations on V and the general linear group GL(V). The groups Sym(X), GL(V) and E(V) form a beautiful picture like the simple picture composed of the natural numbers, the prime numbers and the arrays of multiples of certain natural number. We shall talk about this picture in the cohomology, and give some remarks on the cohomology of GL(V) in an easy way.