Workshop on Local Limits for Galton-Watson Trees

The workshop on Local limit for Galton – Watson trees is taking place at the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM) from June 18 to June 22, 2018. The main part of the workshop is a series of lectures on Local limit for Galton-Watson trees given by Prof. Romain Abraham (Institut Denis Poisson, Orléans University) and Prof. Jean-François Delmas (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech). Besides, there are 7 contributed talks given by young mathematicians from Japan and Vietnam on some current topics, such as random circle maps, random polynomials, limit theorems for random processes, approximation and estimation for diffusion processes…

This workshop is a continuation of a series of activities organized by VIASM and many institutes and universities in France in order to promote research and training collaborations between researchers in Vietnam, France, and other countries in the fields of Probability and Statistics.

The workshop attracts about 40 participants, including experts, young researchers and master students coming from many universities in Vietnam.