Tiền ấn phẩm

ViAsM19.13 Cao Huy Linh, Bounds for Hilbert Coefficients (Posted on 05 13, 2019)
ViAsM19.12 NGOC KHUE TRAN, Lan property for the drift parameter of ergodic diffusions with jumps from discrete observations (Posted on 05 03, 2019)
ViAsM19.11 Dinh Van Le, Uwe Nagel, Hop D. Nguyen, and Tim Römer, Codimension and Projective Dimension up to Symmetry (Posted on 05 02, 2019)
ViAsM19.10 Cong Trinh Le, Tracial moment problems on hypercubes (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.9 TRUNG HOA DINH, TOAN MINH HO, AND CONG TRINH LE, Some applications of scherer hol’s theorem for polynomial matrices (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.8 Le Cong Trinh, On wielandt mirsky’s conjecture for matrix polynomials (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.7 Le Xuan Dung, Truong Thi Hien, Hop D. Nguyen and Tran Nam Trung, Regularity and koszul property of symbolic powers of monomial ideals (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.6 Quoc Anh Ngo and Hong Zhang, Bubbling of the prescribed q-curvature equation on 4-manifolds in the null case (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.5 Liguo Jiao, Jae Hyoung Lee and Tien Son Pham, Polynomial mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints and semidefinite programming relaxations (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.4 Tien Son Pham, Tangencies and polynomial optimization (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.3 Huynh Van Ngai, Nguyen Huu Tron, Michel Théra, Metric regularity relative to a cone (Posted on 04 09, 2019)
ViAsM19.2 Mohamed Ben Alaya, Ahmed Kebaier, Gyula Pap and Ngoc Khue Tran, Local asymptotic properties for the growth rate of a jump type cir process (Posted on 03 01, 2019)
ViAsM19.1 Hoang-Long Ngo and Ngoc Khue Tran, Lamn property for the drift parameter of time inhomogeneous diffusions with discrete observations (Posted on 01 29, 2019)